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Here are some (hopefully) useful and interesting links and Email contacts for local sports centres, local contacts, other clubs, badminton associations and development, interest, international and other.


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Local Sports Centres:

Where clubs currently (and the public can) play:

Newmarket Leisure Centre

Burwell Community Sports Centre

Soham Ross Peers Sports Centre

Ely Paradise Sports Centre

Littleport Sports and Fitness Centre

Haverhill Sports, Leisure & Activity Centre


Other places to play Badminton in the area include:

Bury (St. Edmunds) Sports, Leisure & Activity Centre

Mildenhall Dome Sports Centre

Brandon Leisure Centre

Stetchworth Ellesmere Centre 

and others such as the Memorial Hall,Newmarket,etc.

Local Contacts:

Newmarket Community Partnership 

Newmarket Sports Development Officer FHDC (Email)

Newmarket Journal Sports Editor (Email)

Newmarket On-Line (about the town)

Other Clubs:

Comberton Badminton Club (South Cambs League)

Hurst Badminton Club (South Cambs League)

Ramblers Badminton Club (and unofficial South Cambs Leagues prior to 2007/08)

Others to add ...

Badminton Associations and Development:

Badminton England (BAofE)

Cambridgeshire Badminton/South Cambs League Tables etc

Suffolk Badminton

Norfolk Badminton

Badminton Development Officer (Email)

(Elaine Burrows, Badminton Development Officer - Suffolk, Telephone 01379 687447, Mobile 07725413873).


Badminton Central

World Badminton

Badminton On-Line (this now seems to be defunked)

Badminton Information (an extensive compendium of goodies)

Badminton other links including County and International


These need some sorting:

Int1 Flanders?



Int4 Netherlands?


add Student site and Belgian tournament contact for dates eg Brugges


Top Spin (rackets, etc)


Others will be added based on searches eg. manufacturers, Central Sports, E-badminton, etc

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