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Rushworth Knockout


All clubs in the Federation are now eligible to play in this competition (previously just those with Mixed teams were eligible, but the AGM 2009 approved opening the this up to all clubs, to increase competition). 


Matches consist of level and mixed doubles with a handicap being awarded to one club, via a sealed envelope, which is opened at the end of the match.  This envelope is sent to the secretaries of the home teams and all club secretaries have been sent Rushworth scoresheets .


Results will be added here as rounds are played.  The draw and latest results are listed below.


Current Year:  Rushworth Draw & Latest Results 2012/13 (Final results)


Note: teams will be assumed to be the same players as last year or those who played in earlier rounds unless nominations have been sent to NBF Secretary (due by 30 Sept 2012 at the very latest).  If there are any significant changes to your team members then please let NBF Secretary know in good time so that any change to the handicap can be considered.


Previous Years:


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(Earlier years will be added).